Going into this weekend please be advised that due to the forecasted warm temperatures along with dry and windy conditions, there is a FIRE BAN in the Summer Village.

The fire ban prohibits any open fires which includes all recreational fires on private and public lands, burn barrels, fireworks and exploding targets, and charcoal briquette barbeques.

All existing fire permits are suspended, or cancelled, and any fires presently burning must be extinguished. Anyone who has conducted open burning during the winter is reminded to check their burn site to ensure piles are completely extinguished to reduce the risk of a spring holdover fire.

No new permits will be issued.

Propane or natural gas-powered appliances for cooking and warming purposes are permitted at this time.

Due to low precipitation, high winds and hot temperatures, we are updating the Fire Ban to PROHIBIT the operation of any off-highway vehicle for recreational purposes on all public land located within Athabasca County and the Summer Village. Grass and light leafy vegetation are at an extreme risk from ignition from ATV and UTV exhaust systems. Dry vegetation and grass often can ignite from direct exhaust, and/or direct contact with exhaust and sparks from mufflers and piping from these vehicle types.

Thank you.